Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Independent Computer Software Professional Craig is a real asset. Technically skilled, he deals with the technically challenged individuals with ease and humor u2013 making anyone feel like he is your friend and watching your back. Iu2019ve worked with him on a number of projects, and he always does what he says he will do. This is a person of integrity u2013 someone you can trust what they say. Plus the English accent is charming.



CEO, SNC Squared Craig brings a level of process management and business development to Information technology which I have never seen before. From the ground breaking development of system to the continuous incremental improvement of each process he never fails to amaze me.



Bike Devil Craig is a unique human being in the world of IT; I understood him and he understood the requirements of our business. Matching an understanding of a businesses commercial targets against the required IT infrastructure is a rare quality as I find some people in the IT field get lost in a world of their own. Craig was in our world and helped drive our business forward at every level.




Iu2019ve worked with Craig for the past several years. He is our primary resource for our highest level IT/SQL Server support needs. I would highly recommend him to any firm wishing to engage his services. He possesses an advanced technology skillset as well as the ability to interface directly with customers whose knowledge base is at a much lower level.



Owner, Specsources

I have worked with Craig Hillyard on numerous projects. I have witnessed him interact with customers and have viewed his work. He is very detailed oriented. Craigu2019s knowledge about the industry is second to none. I will hire Craig in the future for my IT projects and consulting work and would highly recommend Craig Hillyard to anyone.
I have worked with Craig on an IT project for Offshore Typing Services. He was a pleasure to work with, very clear in his requirements. Milestones were sensible and any change requests communicated well and managed so not to cause delay. We developed a powerful database design without wasted effort. It was evident Craig had deep understandings at the technical and business levels.
Craig and his team helped tremendously in getting our small business into production on the technical infrastructure that supports our Sharepoint systems. Their knowledge and ability to create the needed technology solutions at a reasonable expense, was, and is, critical to us. Craigu2019s willingness to be flexible and to try new things with us makes him a great partner.



Craig has outstanding energy with advanced tehnical skills. His collaboration with customers to provide support and recommendations of IT solutions is superior to other vendors in this area. Craig has an ease with clients and builds a business based on integrity and trust.



President at Wavz Research Inc. Craig is wonderful to work with. He covers the details which is crucial in the IT arena. He also has a very solid understanding of Microsoft networking and servers with a special focus on SQL server. He is easy going with a great personal presence. I am very grateful for the excellent work Craig has done to repair and stabilize my environment.



Craigu2019s ability to dive into a complicated business and pull out a solid set of recommendations amazes me every time I see it happen. Looking back, Craig may actually be better at solving the u201cpeople factoru201d in a business than he is at solving the technology hiccups. That said, he is very talented with technology and if you use computerized processes to run your business-u2026more August 27, 2012, Sean reported to Craig at Network Data Services, Inc
Craig is a fast learner who strives to acquire knowledge that helps him see the big picture of his business. Iu2019ve enjoyed working with him in our HTG peer groups. He has strong technical skills and can accomplish many things in his business. Add in a good sense of humor and you have someone you should get to know.



President at HTG


Craig is a hard working, intelligent man. Who believes in his product, and wants to help his customers care for their businesses.