About Me

Hi, I’m Craig Hillyard

I am an IT executive with over 21 years of experience providing support 24×7 around the globe. Pride myself on creating solutions to recurring problems and using technology to make a difference.

I love developing IT processes and standards and mentoring others in the optimal ways to deliver world class IT support.
As an example, this website is my attempt to better understand web technologies but also the underlying marketing concepts behind it, such as subscriber mailing lists, shopping carts, website tracking, WordPress, themes and so on.
When not messing with technology, I am the chairman of the bulls and bears investment club in which a group of investors regularly get together and invest $50 per month each and collectively decide on where to invest jointly based on concession. It’s fascinating that how the group has to work together to solve differences and invest based on sound reasoning.

I am a proud Dad to 3 kids, and when I’m not spending time with the kids, I like to ride my motorcycle. Yep, that’s me below teaching my youngest son how to ride.

I recently got my amateur radio license, call sign KI5AXY and use the radio both on analog and digital channels to talk to people around the globe but also take part in community driven events where radio support is needed.

Craig Hillyard
Best Known IT Professional in Arkansas